Coffee Talk Episode 4 - Making Espresso at Home

Episode 4 – Making Espresso at Home

In Episode 4 of Coffee Talk we speak again to Christopher, the manager at Glasgow’s Gordon Street Coffee, along with his colleague Aimee. This week we’re finding out about the differences in coffee culture in the UK compared to Australia and about latte art from Aimee and we’ll chat with Christopher about different options for creating great coffee at home.



Among the topics we discuss with in this episode are:

• How coffee culture in Australia influenced Aimee;

• The differences between that culture and the developing coffee culture in the UK;

• Latte art, what it is and how it’s done;

• Why the coffee we make at home is never quite as good as in a coffee shop;

• Options for making coffee at home;


• Whether the beans Gordon Street choose for their espresso influence sales for home use.


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Gordon Street Coffee are based in Glasgow and local listeners can find them in Central Station. For those a little further afield, you can keep up with the team on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages or buy some of their coffee on the Gordon Street Coffee website.


Next week’s episode is a cupping session with Christopher from Gordon Street. You can prepare by ordering the coffees we’ll be tasting from their website. The two we’ve gone for are the Full French and the Peruvian Feminino, but you can join in with any coffee at all.


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