Coffee Talk Episode 3 - Taste Profiles

Episode 3 – Taste Profiles

In Episode 3 of Coffee Talk we speak again to Christopher and John, the manager and master roaster respectively at Glasgow’s Gordon Street Coffee. This week we’re finding out about coffee culture in the UK from Christopher and speaking to John about flavours and taste profiles of different coffee beans.



Among the topics we discuss with in this episode are:

• How coffee culture has developed in the UK over the past 15-20 years;

• The influence of big coffee chains on that development;

• How that culture might develop further in the coming years;

• Which flavours might be easiest for an uneducated palate to discern;

• How to craft a good coffee blend;


• Whether any particular flavours are more commercially popular than others.


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Gordon Street Coffee are based in Glasgow and local listeners can find them in Central Station. For those a little further afield, you can keep up with the team on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages or buy some of their coffee on the Gordon Street Coffee website.


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