Coffee Talk Episode 1

Episode 1 – Coffee Basics

This is Coffee Talk, a new podcast for coffee lovers, enthusiasts and the coffee-curious. In Episode 1 we meet Christopher and John, the manager and master roaster respectively at Glasgow’s Gordon Street Coffee, to discuss some coffee basics and get to know them a little.



Amongst the topics we discuss with in this episode are:

• Christopher and John’s respective backgrounds in coffee;

• Popular ways to serve coffee;

• The coffees they serve and how they help to guide customers to the right coffee for them;

• What makes a master roaster?;

• How John chooses and buys beans for roasting;

• The ins and outs of the coffee roasting process;

• How the roasting of the coffee affects flavours;


• What Fairtrade coffee is and what that label represents.


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Gordon Street Coffee are based in Glasgow and local listeners can find them in Central Station. For those a little further afield, you can keep up with the team on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages or buy some of their coffee on the Gordon Street Coffee website.


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  • dtrieber

    I didn’t think coffee would be very interesting, but I love your accents so I tuned in. It’s amazing how many different blends you could have. in fact you could spend your life trying to find the perfect blend. I’m in Canada, where there’s a Tim Horton’s Coffee everywhere and every one of them has a line up sometimes out the door. Wow, did they find the right blend. I wonder if you could confirm a legend I’ve heard from some very reliable sources. Apparently there’s a rare and expensive coffee that’s made with the droppings of a civet, from some exotic location. your voice is quite soothing. Keep it up. BTW, don’t think that ‘just one more thing’ got by me, : D

    • Thanks dtreiber. The civet coffee does get mentioned in a later episode! Look out for our cupping session in Episode 5 as well.